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Most people have problems when choosing between ordering CV or resume. Mainly, it happens because they simply do not know the difference between these two aspects. When I was looking for a job position, I knew that I needed a CV, as it is more broad, than a resume. I needed to get a job as soon as possible, as I had a lot of problems to solve. So, when I found this site, I started to examine it carefully, in order to make sure that it is good enough. I decided to use the option of free review and I sent my old CV to the admin, for the specialist to review it and make the decision. The next day I received the review, where I was told that I urgently need an update of my resume.

Price Policy

It was rather difficult for me to find the price list on the site, and I didn’t manage to do it until the moment I made an order. I ordered a graduate resume and paid $290 for it.

Quality of support

Well, I must say that support is absent on this site, as there is no window for live chat and when I sent an email nobody replied me back during 24 hours. I didn’t like that people who work for this site are ignorant. Either the staff is too small, or there are some problems with the connection and the whole work of the company.

Quality of paper

Usually, I am not overreacting, but this time, when I received the CV for which I paid $290. It looked, as if my resume was taken and simply edited, while some parts were not edited at all and they were simply taken from my old CV.


It is absolutely obvious that I will choose another site. This site tried to cheat the customers, by means of proposing to make goof free review, and spoil the resume afterwards. That is not acceptable and I am completely disappointed with this company and its work.

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