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I had a dream last night. I was wearing an office outfit, a very nice and chic suit and was working for a professional company looking all this professional myself. Unfortunately, it does not work like this. We do not wake up having our dream jobs in our hands and classy outfits ion our wardrobes. In real world, everything is much more prosaic. In real world one should work and work hard in order to reach at least something. Let us begin with a professional resume.


The service looks professional. There is nothing extra and everything is in the know. You may call and ask a question (-s) you come up with for toll free dialing a specified phone number. There is a navigation panel for easier usage of the website, which makes it really easier especially for those ones who visit the website for the first time. The writers working for the service are certified. There are no hidden costs. You will be contacting a writer assigned to work upon your resume directly one-on-one, which is very comfortable.


I did have a contact with my writer but we had loads of misunderstanding unfortunately. He could not get a few things just like a support team representative when I was trying to reach and make her understand my query. I am very disappointed with a customer service and human treatment. I did not even expect it to be so difficult for them to accomplish my resume and deliver it in a timely manner. It says on the website that the paper is to be delivered within 7-10 business days. Horsefeathers! Mine came in expired a week after mentioned business days.

Quality of paper

There are a few packages available, among which are non-federal package, the basic package, the plus package, the premium package, the premium plus package, federal basic-, plus- and premium package accordingly, let alone cover letter, professional biography, LinkedIn profile creation, professional biography and \linked\in profile creation and job posting service even. Despite all this variety, the quality is rather low. It would have been better, if the company provided with less amount of service but of higher quality. Quality is what matters here, is what important but not quantity. I had no feeling as if my job experience was highlighted anyhow.

Policy of price

The pricing policy let alone the quality of provided papers and overall attitude (and I do not belong to whimsical customers at all) made it to where I had to change writing service for another. There is no table of prices. Each price is given right next to the package offered in Our Services tab of the navigation panel. My eyes were wide open when I got to look them through. I knew it would cost me much and that was too much and if I can afford it, I doubt that most people are able to.

Order details

You may sign up for career tips and strategies apart from placing orders on here. I changed my mind to do that after the results of my cooperation with this web service. I honestly doubt any advice given by this service may be useful somehow due to the low quality of their products. I do not believe a single word said in testimonials. Anyway, there is a tab with Order Now section on the navigation panel. Click on it (what is clickable is clickable, I had troubles opening this tab though and the form of application did not open up fully) and you will see an order form to fill in. the procedure is simple and you should be familiar with it once you applied for help online before.


It is no longer a secret that to get a job, one should come up with a resume as a document speaking of oneself before this somebody comes over for a job interview. It is not a secret either that there are many online helpers, aimed to assist in getting a professionally accomplished resume.

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