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Resume writer of this site specializes on IT resume writing, and I placed an order without hesitations despite the price was quite high. The writer accomplished the task of presenting my skills in favorable way. However, I’d say he wrote my resume the way that he wanted, not I. Moreover, as I know for sure, such a good resume can be ordered at lower price.
Writing any resume is a challenging task. Let alone writing an IT resume – you literally struggle searching for a writer who is acknowledged at this field. When I was looking for resume assistance, I found this site. The writer is convincing that he ‘speaks IT’ and promises to outline the experience for all IT professionals who refer for his help. The site itself is quite laconic; it outlines writer’s qualification and ‘can-do’ list instead of describing products and services he provides.

Price policy

To my regret, there wasn’t even the approximate price list. So I emailed him my old resume and asked for a quote for resume and cover letter writing. He only responded the next day; I was informed that it would cost me $519. The price was completely ok for me and I paid. However, a friend of mine was sure I was overpaying.
The process
As the writer already had my resume, we scheduled a phone interview. During the conversation he asked me a plenty of unusual and tricky questions. He was particularly detailed in asking about my career prospects. When we finished consultation, the writer promised to send me the resume in 5 days, and the rush delivery options were not possible.

Support and writing

I didn’t keep in touch with the writer during the process of writing and haven’t received any message from him up until the point my resume was delivered. However, there are contact details on the site which allow you to contact the writer anytime on business hours. What can I say about my written resume? The writer accomplished the task of presenting my skills in favorable way. A resume looked good; however, probably was too opinionated about how my resume had to look like, and though I was satisfied with some points, he rewrote them in his way.


However, what really surprised me was my friend’s resume. I would never believe it costs $100! It was different from mine, but written and structured in an appealing way. So, before purchasing an expensive resume check the affordable services first. Some of them are really good. If you have money and can wait, you can use the one I bought from, but believe me there are better options around.

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