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Resume writing company with quite high fees and a wide variety of services. However, the site interface wasn’t very convenient. As for my resume, it was accurate and had a simple design, but didn’t impress me much as it was a simple description of what I did and what I can do.
As I had little success applying for various vacancies, I started thinking over improving my current resume. I wanted to get it tailored for Marketing Director Position, so I went to this company to have a resume improved for me. They claimed to provide certified career coaching and writing services. As I looked through their posts and approach to work, placing an order was just a question of time. Moreover, they had certified writers.

Price policy

Well…the fees could have been smaller, couldn’t they? An entry level resume is over $575, and director’s is $1195. There was also any information about letters, LinkedIn etc. how much do they charge and do they write them at all? I had to contact them to find out such a little thing. I left them a request on the site and was waiting until they contacted me back. I was really a bit irritated that I couldn’t just place an order at once.

Order details

I got a response the next day, stating the price for my resume and letters (around $700); when I paid with my PayPal account, I was emailed a questionnaire to complete. After that, I had a small interview session with the writer; she clarified my goals, background and skills. The site did not give any detail regarding the turnaround time; so I asked about it and was answered that I would get a first draft in 4-5 days and faster turnaround was not possible.

Quality of support and writing

I was surprised that the company didn’t have a chat as most of businesses do these days. Also, they put a phone number in the least visible place on the page. Luckily, I didn’t need to use it. In 4 days I got a first draft for review. I approved the information and two days later the package was to hand.


What can I say? The resume was accurate and had a simple design (probably, too simple especially considering today’s variety of designs). It also didn’t impress me much as I expected to see some sort of marketing document, not a simple description of what I did and what I can do. Taking into consideration the slow process and inconvenient ways of getting in touch, I cannot give this site a high rating.

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